Goals & Objectives

  1. To be the sole authority for all International Flat Horse Racing Academies, and any other forms of Equestrian academies approved by the General Assembly (the "Academies");
  2. To establish Statutes, General Regulations and Rules for the conduct of the Academies the Flat Horse Racing Discipline and or any other Discipline it deems appropriate, and to co-ordinate and supervise their organization, functionality;
  3. To promote the generations of Jockeys and Horse Racing Professionals for the years to come having in mind the protection and the welfare of the Horse;
  4. To create and promote world class standards of Jockey education and grooming of jockeys and Horse Racing Professionals;
  5. To promote a clean racing culture amongst jockeys and Horse Racing Professionals vide educating them through the Academies on the usage of medication control and anti-doping controls of human Athletes and Horses at all levels of competition;
  6. To assist Academies in designing courses and curriculums to a World Class Standards and to establish an accredited system for Academies to follow;
  7. To act as the international representative body for the National Academies of Horse Racing;
  8. To promote Horse Racing Academies in all its forms and to encourage the development of Academies throughout the world;
  9. To promote understanding and co-operation between National Academies, to give them support and to strengthen their authority and prestige;