Mission & Vision

  1. IFHRA is based on the principle of equality and mutual respect between all Members, without regard to race, ethnicity, political opinion or religion.
  2. All Members, National Academy recognise IFHRA to be the only authority and governing body for Flat Horse Racing Academies (and or any other discipline IFHRA and the Members considers necessary). The National Academies agree not to become members or recognise or otherwise support any other organisation with a similar purpose except those recognised by IFHRA.
  3. IFHRA and each Member National Academy recognise that each National Academy represented on the Executive Committee of IFHRA will be the sole authority responsible for the Academies in the country where it is located. In case of the co-existence of more then one National Academy in a given country, the Academy that has voting powers in compliance with these Statutes shall be the Academy responsible in the country where it is located.
  4. IFHRA is committed to the development of Horse Racing Academies throughout the world by providing scientific, educational curriculum and world class standards of Jockey practices to apprentices, and to provide for such development by ensuring fundraising to fulfill these objectives.
  5. The National Academies, Members of IFHRA agree to comply with, and be bound by, the Statutes, Rules and Regulations and any other Rule and or Decision issued by the authorised bodies of the IFHRA in relation to the conduct of Horse Racing Academies
  6. Candidates for membership to the Executive Committee and all Standing Committees must be Supported by their respective National Academies subject to Article 24.1.